Welcome VKLIVE Sept participants! 

Thank you for joining us.

When placing an order, please use discount code VKLIVE09 to receive $10.00 off your order (VALID UNTIL MIDNIGHT (PST) SEPT 18).
All yarn orders also receive a FREE gift. 

Here is a list of all the Yarns and Patterns featured during our Zoom Room meeting.

100% Hemp Yarn Line




Hemp Blends Yarn Line




Patterns Featured

 #364 Spring Droplets#364 Spring Droplets

#323 Shaped Neck Tee

#432 Best Hemp Bags

#433 Drop Stitch Capelet Cowl

#371 Ooh La la Lace

#321 Shell Border Tee

#433 Drop Stitch Capelet Cowl

#362 Flirty Ruffles Cardi

#312 Chic Lace Cardi

#332 Cashmere Perfection

#326 Kathy's Canapa Cardi

#371 Ooh La la Lace

Other Designer Patterns

Penelope allhemp3 Shawl

Penelope allhemp3 Shawl

Kathy's Summer/Winter Soltice 

Click on Ravelry link, then message Kathy for pattern. 

Citron a la hemp
Emma Version A by Julie Weisenberger

Missoni Accomplished

 Missoni Hemp Stripes

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