#307  Tiny Tykes Stripes
#307  Tiny Tykes Stripes
#307  Tiny Tykes Stripes

#307 Tiny Tykes Stripes

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A quick to knit colorful children’s sweater. Perfect for the little ones to showcase their favorite colors!

Knit mostly in the round, using allhemp6, this sweater can be tossed in the washer and dryer for easy care. As with all our 100%hemp yarns, the more you wash it the softer it will become without stretching or shrinking making this a timeless hand-me-down!

Shown using allhemp6 in Midori(MC), Sprout and Marble(CC`s)

Skill level: Advanced Beginner

This pattern can be knit using any of the following yarns:

#102 allhemp6 
#102L allhemp6LUX

Age:                     6-12m  12-18m  2-3y    4-5y   6-7y
Chest:                     22”     24”     26.5”    28.5”   30.5”
MC (skiens):              1         1           1        1        2
CC1 (skeins):             1          1           1        1        1
CC2 (skeins):             1         1           1        1        1