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hempwol Ethical Yarn Blend

hempwol Ethical Yarn Blend

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Hemp Easy Care Blends
Cozy and warm, this hempwol Ethical Yarn Blend is a beautiful creation of Italy's finest wool and hemp fibres.

Why choose hempwol Ethical Yarn Blend
65% wool • 35% hemp

As a consequence of this careful blend, this yarn has gorgeous body and bounce. Moreover, it boasts outstanding yardage!

In fact, we just love how dynamic the colour spectrums are.

Firstly, while Riviera, Florence, Italian Plum, Terra, and Verde colours have beautiful heathery highlights – it is Bianco, Platino, Cacao, Milano and Viola that showcase solid shades with depth.

More importantly, we stock many colours in these natural fibres for you to choose from for your next project!

Stats Gauge Needles
230m/250y per 100 gram 20 sts = 4” 4.5mm
(3 1/2oz) ball 7US

Made in Italy – light worsted weight.

Care instructions for hempwol Ethical Blend Yarn and garments:
  1. Firstly, start with hand washing your hempwol blended hemp garment.

  2. While cleaning, be careful to not exceed 40°C or 105°F to maintain its integrity.

  3. Then, you can dry your hempwol product by laying it flat and reshaping it to dry.

Learn more about this dynamic and sustainable yarn
Overall, our team thrills in sharing the great benefits of working with hemp fibres. Furthermore, explore the many reasons we promote hemp with the history of this dynamic material, some fun facts and the future of this fibre on our hemp education and resource page.

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