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#417 Crochet Belts

#417 Crochet Belts

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Designed by Megan Marshall, this great project comes with 2 crochet belt designs!

Belt #1: The Downtown Belt (Buckle) is a chic little belt that goes great with jeans or over a top.

Belt#2: The Bohemian Hip Belt (Button) is sized to fit the hips and is perfect over a tunic or long shirt.

Shown using allhemp6 

Skill level: Advanced Beginner

This pattern can be knit using any of the following yarns:

#102 allhemp6
#102L allhemp6LUX

Two skeins will make BOTH belts!!

Belt 1:               31  33  35  37  39  41  43  45 inches
#102/#102L:   1 skein per color

Belt 2:              36  40  44  48 inches
#102/#102L:   1 skein per color

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